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Antique Holy Bibles and Prayer Books from the 1800s are quite beautiful and collectible. Large Family Holy Bibles were treasured family possessions and were very valuable even when they were printed. Many Holy Bibles of that era are extremely large, heavy, bound in leather, and elaborately decorated with engravings. With black and white engravings being the most common, Bibles with colored engravings are sought after. Some large Family Bibles (especially from the mid to late 1800s) had decorative metal (usually brass or silver) edges and clasp closures. Many large Family Bibles include much more than just the Old and New Testament. Many include information such as maps, Psalms, Translations and Paraphrases in Verse, Hymns, Geography of the Bible, Dictionary, and even Plants of the Bible. Very often, there is copious commentary. Elaborate family history pages are included in some Holy Bibles. These were meant to be used to record family history through several generations. The Holy Bible is the most printed book of all time with the King James version being the most common. Many Bibles were not dated with the assumption that the information did not change from year to year. Also, usually Holy Bibles published in England were dedicated to the reigning monarch of the day. Antique Family Bibles can be found in many sizes, from large and weighing several pounds to small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Tiny finger Bibles are quite rare. Although rare, small 2 and 3 volume sets of the Holy Bible, Common Prayer, and Hymns Ancient & Modern can still be found. Books of Common Prayer are also quite collectible and in rare cases were printed as companion volumes to large Family Holy Bibles. Unlike Bibles, they were usually small and were usually treasured as personal copies as opposed to large family versions. Books of Common Prayer can also be found with elaborate and beautiful bindings.
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