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Transferware (transfer-printed) china and pottery was produced starting in the late 1700s with the majority being made in the mid 1800s. The finest and most collectible transferware was made in England in the early to mid 1800s. At that time, blue and white was the most common and most popular coloration. Even so, transferware was made in many other colors including red, brown, green, purple. Also, in the early 1800s, even though few people had ever been to China, the Chinese style was very much in fashion. Consequently, many china and pottery patterns were inspired by the European perception of Chinese style (often quite incorrect and romanticized). Transferware was produced using engraved copper plates. Dye printed patterns were applied to the to the china or pottery and put in the firing kilns,and heated to extremely high temperatures. Usually only one color was used and there was almost always a center design. When two colors were used, the second color was usually black. Some patterns were quite elaborate and quite often, the same border was in multiple productions with different center scenes. Transferware china and pottery is still quite collectible. Today, the more unusual colors are the most popular.

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