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Antique Asiatic Pheasants china was widely manufactured in Europe from 1830 until 1920 with most being manufactured in English Staffordshire potteries between 1860 and 1920. Some well known manufacturers were Wedgwood, Ashworth & Bros., Blackhurst & Bourne, Adderleys Ltd., Ford & Son, Booth's, Doulton & Co., Edge, Malkin & Co., Heath & Blackjurst, & William Brownfirld & Son. - to name just a few.

Antique Asiatic Pheasants china is actually earthenware with a romantic transfer print pattern. The Asiatic Pheasants and Blue Willow patterns were the two patterns most widely produced by the English Staffordshire potters. Both patterns were made by dozens of potters and consequently, each changed the pattern just slightly to fit their own tastes and make the design their own. Also, being entirely handmade and transfer decorated, there are usually slight differences in each piece. The Asiatic Pheasants design originated in the early 1800's when the Chinese style of decoration was highly revered in Europe. Since few people had actually been to China, the portrayal of the Chinese style was almost all fictional. Consequently, the resulting pattern was quite embellished with almost fairy tale pheasants, and ornate moths and butterflys. Quite often, the earlier pieces do not have makers marks and it takes a little investigative work to identify the manufacturer. The stilt marks from being stacked in the firing kilns are almost always visible on earlier pieces. All of these characteristics add to the charm and beauty of antique Asiatic Pheasants china. The older pieces are quite collectible and are widely loved for their romantic design and soft blue color.

Antique Asiatic Pheasants china is a favorite of ours at Antiques On The Square and we usually carry a wide selection.

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