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Flow blue china is transferware china that was produced primarily in the Staffordshire area of England beginning around 1840 and continuing into the early 1900's. Well known manufacturers of flow blue china include W. H. Grindley, Davenport, Johnson Brothers, Ford & Sons, Mason's, John Maddock & Sons, Burgess & Leigh, Wood & Son, Alfred Meakin, Ridgway & Morley, New Wharf Pottery, and Ridgeways. Flow blue china was also produced in other European countries and identifying pottery marks are not always visible. Usually, stilt marks from the firing kilns are visible. Flow blue china was produced by adding powder to the dye used in blue and white transfer printed ceramics. This particular powder caused the blue dye to flow beyond the edge of the transfer print. The most desirable antique flow blue china has a deep cobalt blue color. Often, the blue color actually flows through to the reverse of the china in a wave effect. Flow blue china was primarily made in Europe and shipped to the American market. Antiques On The Square usually has a large selection of flow blue china.

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