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Madison is the official shop kitty for Belles Beaux & Gifts.

She adopted us in October of 2009 and very quickly created her own position - official ambassador for Belles Beaux & Gifts. She absolutely loves people and does her best to individually greet everyone as they enter the shop (unless she's taking a cat nap).

If she's in the mood, she can be quite a little talker - if she's not in a talkative mood, she has the ability to ignore you completely!

Many people come to the shop just to visit Madison kitty - and she does have her favorite visitors. Because she lives in the shop full time, people-watching from the front windows is one of her favorite evening amusements. Sometimes, out-of-town visitors are a little concerned when they see her in the shop window. Rest assured, she is well cared for, pampered, and loves being queen of the shop. She is not fond of other animals or loud noises. Greeting people and napping are her favorite things in the whole world.

People often ask if she breaks things. Not at all - she's smart and very careful.

For the people who are superstitious - this lovely green eyed black cat has two white toes. So, we're fond of saying - "She's special and good luck!"

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