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Richard Ginori

Richard Ginori produces fine porcelain and fine bone china in a range of dinnerware patterns that beautifully reflect the fine quality and high standard of the Richard Ginori name.

Like a painter whose work begins with a blank canvas, Richard Ginori transforms surfaces of white porcelain into artistry for the table. Since 1735 when Carlo Ginori established his company, this magnificent artistry has brought joy to the dining experience.

Richard Ginori stands today as an international symbol of excellence and elan in entertaining. As Italy's leader in luxury tableware, Richard Ginori marries the splendor of the past with a sophisticated, fresh approach to stylish dining. His historical patterns, some introduced in the eighteenth century, endure as perennial favorites. The lastest introductions bring vital new creativity to how we intertain.

Luminous porcelain with intricate patterns, striking silhouettes with raised decoration, hand-painted masterworks: these are the ever-present hallmarks of Richard Ginori

Experience the unmistakable spirit of Italian luxury embodied in each porcelain and crystal object. The refined designs of Richard Ginori grace palaces and aristocratic estates, country nests and urban townhouses, chic restaurants and the most acclaimed hotels.

Nearly three centuries since its creation, Richard Ginori continues an unbroken tradition of artistic prominence, inspiring today's settings and tomorrow's celebrations.

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