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Heritage Irish Crystal is the only authentic mouth-blown and hand-cut collection of crystal glasses, bowls, stemware, barware, and lamps still made in Waterford City Ireland.

More About Heritage Irish Crystal

Heritage Irish Crystal was inspired by century's old tradition in a city steeped in the history and the fine art of crystal dating back to 1783. The only Collection of Authentic Irish Crystal, mouth-blown and hand-cut in Waterford City, Ireland, Heritage Irish Crystal has become renowned for producing crystal that has an enduring beauty and diamond-like sparkle.

Heritage Irish Crystal is created by a painstaking process that begins with heating the raw material at temperatures reaching 1400 degrees. Glass blowers then remove balls of molten glass on the end of 5' hollow blowpipes. Working in teams they shape and mould molten glass into desired forms. Following the blowing process, each piece is transformed by skilled glass cutters using diamond tipped wheels. A unique method of fine finish chemical polishing is the final step in creating crystal pieces to be treasured for generations.

All pieces are blown by mouth....shaped, moulded and cut by hand....such is the essence of Heritage Irish Crystal.

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